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Loan or Sell Your Valuables

Whether you need a few hundred dollars to get you to your next payday, or a few thousand dollars for a family vacation; Buffalo Jewelry & Loan has you covered!

Why Work With Buffalo Jewelry & Loan?

Our team members are experts in many fields, and are trained for countless hours to establish accurate values on items that you bring in to loan or sell. We often have customers drive hours for our amazingly low interest rates and customer experience. Simply put, Buffalo Jewelry & Loan is the best pawnshop in the Western New York area.

You can use your items to secure funding! We buy, and make loans on a wide variety of valuables. Our top categories include:

  • Jewelry & Luxury Watches
  • Power Tools & Large Equipment
  • Musical Instruments & Equipment
  • Electronics & Gaming Systems
  • Designer Apparel & Handbags

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Buffalo Jewelry & Loan sells a variety of name brand items and collectibles. You can visit us in-store and shop our vast collection, or shop online at our Ebay store.

What Makes Our Retail Shop Better?

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Free Layaway

*in-store only*

Buy the items you want with Buffalo Jewelry & Loan's easy layaway program. We only require 10% down, and we offer up to 6 months to pay off with ZERO interest, and ZERO fees!